August 20, 2017

Championship 2018

During week 16, the 20th to 22nd of April 2018, the Nordic Discus Society holds a championship in Ullared, with discus fish. About 100 aquariums will be set up for the competing fish. The exhibition hall is about 1000 square meters.

In the hall different Societys and Companies will be represented.

International judges from around the world will check the fishes and, international guests will hold different lectures in the conference halls of the hotel, adjacent to the fair hall. We offer you as a supplier or association a 3x2 meter fairground for the low cost of 150 Euro. Or if you as a private individual want to sell some goods. If you only want to be seen at the championship with your company or association, it is a cost of 70 Euros. You provide a sign which we put up in the room.

Of course, we also wish a lot of prizes for our lotteries.

Please report your interest to our cashier, who has email address: or phone +46 708 189084. We expect that many visitors will come from the GeKås shopping mall which is adjacent to the fair hall.

Members of the Discus Society have free entrance.